Unrolling The Mystery: Tips For Choosing The Right Toilet Paper When You Rent A Portable Toilet

19 December 2016
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If you're renting a portable toilet, you may be wondering about the toilet paper. In most cases, the toilet paper comes with the rental, but in some cases, you may want to make alternative arrangements. Here are some questions to consider:

1. Do you want a soft experience?

In most cases, the toilet paper that comes with a portable toilet is fairly basic and utilitarian. If you are renting toilets for a concert or any other large scale outdoor event, that toilet paper can be perfectly functional. However, if you are renting a portable toilet for a special event, you may want to upgrade the toilet paper. In particular, if you are planning a wedding, an anniversary party, or a business launch, you may want to buy and stock your own soft toilet paper. Brands such as Cottonelle and Charmin are often considered to be the softest, but there are many options.

2. What about ply?

In addition to the softness of the toilet paper, you should consider the amount of ply. Single ply tends to be the least expensive, but it can require significantly more paper to get the same job done. If you are putting up a portable toilet at a construction site, for example, you should keep in mind that your workers need to use that toilet every day. That is their work bathroom, and you want it to be as comfortable as possible. To improve their work experience just a bit, you may want to consider putting in double ply paper.

3. Should you consider designs?

If you want to be a bit quirky, consider replacing the regular old toilet paper that comes with the portable toilet, with designed toilet paper. You can order custom printed toilet paper from a range of vendors online. This may not make sense for fairs or other large events, but it can be a fun twist for a family reunion or a work event.

4. How can you deal with restocking?

Once you decide what kind of toilet paper you want in your portable toilets, you should think about restocking it. Leaving multiple rolls of toilet paper in a portable toilet can be risky in some areas — for example at rowdy outdoor events, guests may grab extra rolls and "TP" things. In other cases, extra rolls can crowd up the floor or simply end up getting wet and ruined.

As a result, you may want to avoid storing extra toilet paper in the portapotty unless the company has a special holder for it. For example, some toilet paper holders hold two rolls of toilet paper, and it's impossible to access the second roll unless the first one has been used up. Ask the rental company if they have dispensers like that.

However, you also don't want a bunch of people to be stuck in the porta potty with nothing to wipe with. Most portable toilet rental companies will come out to your site and service the toilet on a regular basis, and this can include stocking new toilet paper. You can increase cleaning frequency as needed, but if the toilet doesn't need to be emptied, it doesn't make sense to pay the rental company to come out just to add more toilet paper. In these cases, you may want to assign an employee to check the toilets once a day or every few hours and restock the toilet paper as needed.

5. Do you want other paper products?

Toilet paper isn't the only paper product you may want in your portable toilets. In some cases, you may also want paper towels, a tampon dispenser, or other essentials. Talk with the rental company about what they offer.